How do I choose a monthly plan?

  • We like that question! Simply go to the Donate section and choose the pledge that makes sense for you. You'll be asked to fill out your basic information and put a credit card on file. Now sit back, relax and let your philanthropy happen! On our end, we'll charge your card for that amount each month and add your pledge to the overall GivingTREE donation.

When will my card get charged?

  • We charge your card the same day you signed up every month. 

When do I choose which charity I want to donate to?

  • Once the monthly charge has been confirmed, you'll receive a text message on the 1st allowing you to choose between the charity partners that we're supporting during that month.

How does the GivingTREE donation happen?

  • Less magic than you would have guessed. We add up all of the donations and then donate to each charity on behalf of The GivingTREE network.

How do you choose the three charities for the month?

  • We try to spread the GivingTREE love the best we can. Our initial formula (by no means set in stone) is to choose organizations addressing the following issues/causes: 
    • animals (🐶we're partial to dogs and fish),
    • the environment (🌲Maine did it),
    • humans helping humans (👋because in the end, we're only as strong as our weakest link).

    What if I don't choose a charity?

    • Off traveling the world and don't have access to your email? Not to worry, fellow explorer, we'll put your contribution towards the charity that received the least amount of contributions (we call it the Jabronie Pledge, because sometimes the little guy needs a little help too).

    What if I want to donate to another charity?

    • Send us a text immediately and we'll get them added to the list of potential recipients for the next month!

    Will you tell me to whom and how much I donated for tax purposes?

    • Are we really talking about taxes on the first date? If we have to go into it, Uncle Sam certainly should know how great you are. We'll send you a full report of your donations made through The GivingTREE just in time for tax season.

    Can I cancel/change my pledge?

    • Of course! Simply login to your account, click "Manage My Membership" and cancel/change your monthly pledge at any time. 

    How much of my contribution gets donated to the charity of my choice?

    • For every $5 you donate, we put $1 towards various fees incurred from running The GivingTREE network, most of that being credit card processing fees (aka: the Man). 

    PHEW! Have more questions?

    • Happy to chat! Email is the best way to reach us: support@givingtreecharity.org or text us (seriously): 415.985.0204