I always thought my contribution would be pointless. Donating to any cause, no matter how inspiring, seemed:

    • Like a waste of time, considering the meager funds that I could scrap together,
    • Like a serious commitment to a cause that I wasn't ready to make (commitment issues),
    • Like a hassle to signup and give my credit card to every organization.

So I created The GivingTREE, so that we can all pool our contributions to make the biggest splash that we can, together. Every month, you get to choose between three different charities that are doing good all around the world. One month you can donate to the dogs, the next the Appalachian Trail or veterans in need. This way you can spread your contributions to many causes that deserve your support like the true philanthropist that you are!

Once signed up, you change the world every month with one mighty click of the mouse!

Together we give. Together we all grow.

- Giuseppe 


Branches of the ... so far:

....with more to come!